PASTRY PORTAL offers a wide selection of gourmet chocolate products.

We proudly carry fine couvertures by CasaLuker, made exclusively from South American fine flavor cocoa beans of the Trinitario variety. Established in 1906, CasaLuker is family-owned and located in Bogota, Columbia — geographically privileged for the cultivation of cacao. It’s factory incorporates state of the art chocolate manufacturing equipment; operates one of the few technologically advanced Research and Development centers in the world dedicated to the study, development, and conservation of fine cocoa’s aroma and flavor; and promotes sustainability among chocolate farmers’ association and communities.

Fine flavor cocoa beans are produced from Criollo and Trinitario tree varieties while bulk cocoa beans are produced from Forastero or Amazonian tree varieties. 6-7% of the world’s cocoa production is fine flavor cocoa, 70% of which is produced in Colombia and its neighbors. The exotic flavors and aromas of fine flavor cacao are evident across the entire range of Luker‘s chocolate couvertures with fruity and flowery flavors and nutty malt notes.

The ifigourmet brand is produced with classic Belgian craftsmanship and comes in a convenient, easy-melt and scaling chip format. It is made with cocoa beans of West African origin. With its line of chocolate decorations, upscaling cakes, pastries, and desserts are both easy and high quality.

DGF chocolate products signify quality, flavor, and tradition. It provides the best chocolate by its strict control and selection of the best cocoa beans and incorporation of pure cocoa butter.

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