Based in Netherlands, Carels is a leader in the development and manufacture of high quality glazes, jams, and fruit fillings. Their JELFIX brand of glazes is synonymous with excellence and ease of use worldwide.

JELFIX is a topping glaze created for fast and high quality application. It dries simultaneously, fully airtight, and do not penetrate the pastry confection. It is soft in structure which makes it ideal for machine or manual application. The result is a magnificent and glossy topping that will retain its superb fresh look for days on end.

For a more luxurious image, JELFIX Mirror Glaze gives an impressive shine to pastry, prevents it from dehydrating, and lengthens the shelf life of products. It is a cold process jelly and can be used directly out of the pail without heating. It does not run or bleed off on the pastry.

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