CakeSafe Spray Booth

The CakeSafe® Spray Booth has been designed for all airbrushing needs. This system is modular and eliminates the need to ventilate to the outdoor by using two high efficiency 1/2″ filters along with a 1″ pre-filter and a powerful 224 CFM fan. Each unit has an entire air change every second during use which results in a very powerful system. The top and side panels remove easily for storage and quick cleaning.  

Each fan box is comprised of 12 individual pieces which are assembled to create the main body of the system. The fan is mounted 4″ behind the filters to increase the efficiency and surface area of the filter being used. The filter slot is made such that the filters have contact around the entire perimeter of the filter housing eliminating “blow by” which is common on many lower end systems. By sealing the perimeter of the filters, the air is drawn through the filter media which results in a clean exhaust out of the back of the unit. The 1″ washable and reusable pre-filter material can be easily rinsed and dried for the next time use. Washing the pre-filter typically takes less than a minute.


– 224 CFM Fan
– 0.33 Amps, about the same as a 30-Watt light bulb
– Dual MERV 8 Filters
– 12.00 lbs


The CakeSafe® Spray Booth is the result of months of design and refinement. The key to this system is the use of a main MERV 8 filter, a MERV 13 final filter, and the washable and reusable pre-filter along with a powerful 224 CFM exhaust fan. The entire system is modular so you can add to it at any time to expand your working area. The pre-filter catches about 40% of the overspray and reduces the load on the main filters extending their useful life. The exhause is paint free allowing you to spend time creating your art work and not cleaning up. With water based products, it is not necessary to vent this booth outdoors.

The CakeSafe® Fan Box itself is made entirely from food grade 3/16″ and 1/2″ high density plastic and is welded together to become a sealed one-piece unit. The result is a very strong fan box which will last for years. Improved air flow performance due to the overall design changes. The final custom MERV 13 filter is sealed to the unit using neoprene gasket which prevents any air flow from escaping the filter media.

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