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In the South-West of France is the French Department of Corrèze. Known for its beautiful villages and scenic countryside, this charming region has an abundance of fruit farming. It was in this rich setting of fruit production that Mister Léonce Blanc starting his first fruit stewing business in 1892. Striving for true excellence, Mister Léonce Blanc developed his technique for selecting and preserving all the qualities of the fruit — considered one of the industry’s best. Contributing to his success was a careful selection of authentic fruits, strict adherence to quality, bold recipes, and the pleasure of savoring them. Its rigorously high standards, from choosing the best fruit to the most value-added process for enhancing its properties, makes Léonce Blanc one of the finest providers of fruit purees.


CasaLuker, a family-owned manufacturer of fine chocolate couvertures, is based in Bogota, Columbia, a country geographically privileged for the cultivation of cacao. Established in 1906, CasaLuker is one of the world’s largest producers of chocolates made exclusively from fine flavor cacao beans of the Trinitario variety. Only 8% of the world cocoa production is Fino de Aroma and 76% of it produced in the world is grown in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. Cacao Fine de Aroma is distinguished by its aromas and its fruity and flowery flavor with nutty malt notes.

CasaLuker operates GranjaLuker, one of the few research centers in the world dedicated to the study, development, and conservation of cacao, demonstrating their commitment to developing and advancing Colombia’s cocoa farming culture. As part of its mission for environmental sustainability and the social, economic and environmental development of the cocoa growing communities, CasaLuker is a member entity of the World Cocoa Foundation WCF.

Once upon a time in Saint-Michel, France lived a master pastry chef named Joseph Grellier. He had a secret recipe for round, meltingly soft, and golden biscuits called “Galettes St Michel” that he lovingly baked in his wood-fired oven. Joseph Grellier decided to choose the hen as his brand logo, synonymous with top quality ingredients, the countryside, and France! The venture was such a success that the artisan bakery turned into a biscuit shop and in 1919 became the “Biscuits St Michel” Company.

St Michel never stops innovating, but always with respect for the environment, its employees and, most important of all, the quality of ingredients. Today, still, St Michel Company is an independent, family-owned French company and continues to pass on the taste of lovely pastries and cakes to new generations.

St Michel’s brand Jean Ducourtieux is the worldwide leader in the production of gourmet ready-to-fill pastry shells, cakes, and pastry products. They bring more than fifty years of experience manufacturing authentic French pastry products for customers around the world, using traditional recipes and the finest quality ingredients. Their state-of-the-art production facility is located in the heart of the French countryside.


DGF is the primary source in France for high quality ingredients and convenience products for culinary professionals in the pastry and confectionery industries. Located just outside Paris, DGF is known for the expertise provided by its in-house team of professional pastry chefs, who for over twenty-five years, have blended innovation with a dedication to preserving the quality and tradition of French Patisserie. Their products include nut and praline pastes, chocolate products, specialty sugars, pastry cream and genoise mixes, fruits in syrup, candied fruits, ambient fruit purees, and glazes.


Dreidoppel is the world’s premier manufacturer of flavorings and specialty ingredients for pastry, confection, and ice cream producers around the world. Based in Germany, the company has over 100 years of experience producing fine fruit, nut, coffee, and liquor flavorings for culinary professionals. From their state-of-the-art research, development, and production facility, to their innovative pursuit of new flavors and culinary experiences, to their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, Dreidoppel strives to make good things even better.


After 25 years of making ready-to-fill pastry shells, Confiletas believes big results can be achieved with little things. The pastry shells are produced with the finest ingredients and have an extraordinary ability to remain unaltered at high temperatures and for prolonged periods of time.

Olé Tapas is the perfect base for all your tiny creations — little savory shells designed for the creation of mini appetizers and desserts. With a wide variety of neutral shapes and sizes, the culinary creation possibilities are endless.

Cesarin, located in Verona, Italy, was founded in 1920 and is the leading producer of candied fruits, jams, fillings and related products. The family owned company has perfected a unique fruit processing method that preserves the consistency, shape, flavor, and color of the fruit. Through a dedicated R&D team, Cesarin has a long history of innovation to meet the needs of culinary professionals across the globe.


A Sweet Company! Love, quality, and family values. ifiGOURMET was born in the bakery business, and over the past 20 years has evolved into a leading importer and master distributor of high quality products for professional use in the bakery, pastry, confectionery, and ice cream industries. A family-owned and operated business, ifiGOURMET was built on service and customer care.

ifiGOURMET offers an outstanding selection of top quality products sourced from the finest producers and manufacturers around the world. Its import relationships are centered in the European nations of France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Germany, and Italy and the South American nation of Colombia.

The ifiGOURMET brand emcompasses a broad range of specialty and basic ingredients including chocolate, vanilla, pastry shells, specialty sugars, and frozen pastries. Its product development team works closely with top quality manufacturing partners and producers around the world to ensure that stringent quality standards are maintained throughout the ifiGOURMET product range.

Based in the Netherlands, Carels is widely recognized as a world leader in the development and manufacture of high quality glazes, jams, and fruit fillings for the artisanal and industrial baking industries. Its singular focus is on perfecting the handling of fruit for the bakery trade. Its JELFIX brand of glazes is synonymous with excellence and ease of use in the European and American baking communities.


In 1977 the company Schneider Silikonpapiere was founded and transformed in 1983 into “Schneider GmbH” with its headquarters in Albershausen, a small town about 40 km from Stuttgart in Southwest Germany. The former core business, the production and processing of siliconised special papers, has been continuously expanded by the integration of other companies and the proprietary development of innovative products.

Today, Schneider GmbH is one of the world’s largest producers of Bakery equipment made of paper, metal, plastics and silicon. These products are produced at 4 European sites. With modern machinery and the application of high quality raw materials, Schneider GmbH is able to meet the high standards required by customers in more than 50 countries. Its ambition is to continually increase company performance by investing in technical facilities, new tools and know how, and continually expand its product range for its commercial partners.


PurColour™ is an American manufacturer of all natural colorants designed specifically for professionals in the chocolate, pastry, and confectionery industries. Based in Colorado, PurColour™ provides a healthy and natural alternative to traditional synthetic products. Its products contain no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives, and are gluten, dairy, and nut free. It derives brilliant and vibrant hues from all natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and minerals and offers them in many applications including brilliant powders, dry colorants, artisan cocoa butters, and crystal and pearl sugars.

Willemse & Van Engelen is a family business that was established 20 years ago with the invention of the jelly-spraying machine. Constant innovation and product improvement keep Willemse & Van Engelen ahead of their competitors. The product range includes various types of traditional jelly spraying machines and spraying machines for chocolate.

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